Tuesday, September 29, 2015

A Visit to Neuhaus Chocolate

A visit to New York City is not complete until I pop in Neuhaus Chocolates. They have a few locations in Midtown area, within Grand Central - Lexington Ave and their gorgeous flagship on Madison Avenue. I love their presentation of their chocolates, and the boxes are something that can be saved for other uses. Just too pretty to throw away! 
Works of art I call them, and oh so darn yummy! Belgian chocolate is some of the best you will ever taste. If you haven't, you MUST! 
I loved their NYC box, great painting on the front of all that is NYC. A fantastic item to take back home to family and friends! 
They have many items which include the lovable Smurfs! I grew up with these little blue people, and it's just so fun when you walk in their stores! It brings a smile to my face right away! 
They are even selling large Smurf plush toys, and it took all my restraint to not take one or more home with me! So so difficult! 
The Smurf chocolates are in the shape of the little folks, and they are so, so good. 
The crispy Smurf pralines are filled with sparkling Belgian milk chocolate and cookies - melt in your mouth. I usually save Smurfette for last, I feel that is the best way to eat your Smurf Neuhaus collection! 
They introduce different Smurf products throughout the year, various items to hold your delish candy! They make such great keepsakes as well. 
When you see the selection in this chocolate shop, you will be in awe. Such gorgeous designs! 
They were celebrating the birthday of their ballotin, which I thought was pretty neat. Such lovely designs, don't you think? 

This was neat to see, when the ballotin was invented in 1915 - only 100 years ago ! 
I really loved the vintage packaging 
It is so hard to choose a few flavors in this shop ! 

I would love one of everything! 

Yes, in their Madison Avenue Flagship store, you can have ice cream! It will be available all year round from what they told me, which is just AWESOME! 
Real cocoa beans were in attendance 
I love this item for drizzling the melted chocolate on your ice cream! So elegant! 

Neuhaus, the inventor of the praline, stands for superior quality and timeless elegance since 1857. The Maître Chocolatier creates exquisite chocolates using outstanding ingredients and drawing on its master craftsmanship, experience and passion. Since Jean Neuhaus opened his first shop in the prestigious Queen’s Gallery in Brussels, Neuhaus has gone on to garner international acclaim for their exclusive chocolates and luxurious gift packaging.

Have you ever tried Neuhaus Chocolate? What is your favorite brand?

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