Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Fun Shopping at Piq in Grand Central

Grand Central Terminal has so many different areas, and I tend to be in the same one all the time. When I was recently in the city, I was in another area and found this very cool shop titled Piq . I laughed my whole way walking through the store. I love these kind of places, the kind that just make you happy from ear to ear. They do sell products online, and ship, so be warned if you go on their website. Let's take a peek inside: 
Loved this pillow, what a great gift it would make for someone! 
These cards just cracked me right up. I think the next time I am in the city, I need to get a few to frame and put around my house. Would cause laughter each time, which is so good for the soul! 

Everyone has been looking for a hamburger coin purse, right? 
I could not include this one!
Remember these guys? I was also happy that they did not mind me taking photos, but I did say I would be doing a blog post about their shop. It's so much easier when everyone plays nice! 
These bags are great as they fold up into that small pouch and you can carry in your purse for when needed. They hold quite a bit of stuff, up to 44lbs! 

If you are in the Grand Central Terminal, find this store! It is near the 42nd Street entrance, and their is also one in Rockefeller Center as well. We need more stores like this that make us laugh and just giggle the whole time we are there!


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