Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Ferrara Bakery in Little Italy

Ferrara Bakery and Cafe in Little Italy is really a place to not be missed. It is the ultimate Italian bakery and you will feel like you are in Italy! They opened on Grand Street in 1892 and the bakery/cafe is still owned by the fifth generation of the family. 
I love these ice cream cones over the sign as you walk in the cafe. They make their own Gelati and Sorbet. 

WARNING: This post is not for the faint of heart or the hungry. 

When you walk in they have some tables set up for you to enjoy your pastry and a coffee 
Oh and then there is the counters filled with the pastry 
Wouldn't it be cool to say " I would like one of everything" ?? That would be amazing. You just need to have a UPS truck standing by to send all the items to your home!! 
Gelati is half the fat and calories of ice cream and it is so so creamy and tasty !! 
You can find Ferrara products at your local stores, their Torrone, made with egg whites, honey, almonds and sugar, is one of their best sellers. 
Have you ever had a lobster tail pastry? 
It is like pure heaven. The cream inside is so so good, not very sweet, and the crisp, thin shell is the perfect compliment. I can really go for one of these right now. 
Baba Ricotta ......anything that has the cannoli filling inside it with a rum soaked cake is my very best friend. 
These mini's are great, a fun way to try different pastries with a group of people, everyone gets to taste a little of each item. 
I have old photographs from my family which look just like the cover of this book. Italian weddings are always a big deal, and they had the most massive bouquets you have ever seen. Little Italy was much bigger many years ago than it is now, and I feel very sad for that fact. In 1910, Little Italy had almost 10,000 Italians, which was the peak of the communities population. I would love to go back in time and visit the area at it's peak of residents, wouldn't you ?
Mini cannoli are so good, look how thick that filling is 
Eclairs (decorated so darn pretty) and Napolean which is Bavarian cream filled Pan'di Spagna covered with icing
I would take everything on the top shelf here 
Could you imagine your wedding cake being made here? Mine would have to have cannoli filling, of course 
Everything is so pleasing to the eye 

Did I say you can get great cannoli here? You can also order on their website and they will ship the shells and filling to you. The filling is in a pastry bag, so when you are ready to eat the cannoli, you pipe it at that time so your shells do not get soft. 

Come visit us:
195 Grand Street
between Mulberry & Mott St.
(212) 226-6150
Hours of operation:
Open 7 days a week
Sunday-Friday 8am- Midnight
Saturdays 8am- 1am
Closed Christmas Day

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