Monday, April 13, 2015

Paris Baguette

On my last visit to the city, I wanted to get some NYC bagels to take home. I headed to Ess-a-Bagel on 3rd Avenue, only to find it was closed. So on my way to the bagel shop, I saw this place, Paris Baguette, and thought it looked interesting. When I walked in, my jaw nearly dropped. There are so many places in the city that I have yet to visit, and when I got home, it was on my to-do list. A French-inspired Korean bakery chain, with many different flavors of desserts as well as sandwiches. I didn't photograph the sandwiches, but you probably already knew that! 
Are you a bit scared to go in? I hope you are not reading this on an empty stomach! 
I bought one of these to take home and I must say, it was AMAZING! So light and not too 
sweet, I would purchase it again in a heartbeat! 
This looked interesting but I did not purchase one. Has anyone had one of these? 
Okay, here comes the dessert works of art. These are so beautiful, I was in awe. Just awe. 

This one was just so gorgeous, I would love to see how they make it. Green tea and blueberry is 
probably a fabulous combo! 

Not only is this one made with coffee, and looks so darn adorable, but it's 200 calories a 

My Mom was such a huge fan of lemon, this one would be for her. I couldn't stop taking photos 
of all these wonderful pastries. 

I liked that they use canola oil in their recipes as that is so much healthier for you. 
I am trying as heck to justify eating a few of these gems! 

Paris Baguette has 7 locations in Manhattan and 1 in Brooklyn. I suggest if you walk by one, run in. They do have brunch, lunch, cold and hot sandwiches in addition to these gorgeous desserts! 
I saw sweet potato cake for goodness sake! This is just such a unique place, really amazing 
selections and I look forward to trying more items as I come across them in the city. 

Have you ever been in a Paris Baguette? What was your favorite item? I would think it would be 
hard to pick a favorite in this bakery! 

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