Friday, January 9, 2015

Where to NOT buy your Photography Equipment in New York City

I normally do not write posts like this one. I felt however that if I saved one reader from doing what I did, it is worth it. I was in the city recently, and was walking past one of those electronic stores. Now, I know about the scams and such, but I thought "Oh I could use a glare filter for my new lens" and didn't think it would be a big deal. So I popped in on West 56th and 7th Avenue. I told the guy I was looking for a glare filter, he looked at my lens and said he had what I needed. He pulled out a filter, and said the price was somewhat of $300.00. Now I thought that was pretty pricey, but, my new lens is in the best quality range, and I thought maybe the filters were more expensive. I really should have known better. The price kept coming down as I said I didn't want to spend that much money. He was also trying to sell me a lens but I was smart enough to say know to that one. I came to find out that a filter I was sold for $144 actually cost $10. 

My reason for this post is to try to inform you, my readers, to not fall in this scam as I did. When in the city, please only purchase ANY type of photography or electronic equipment from reputable dealers. I normally purchase all my equipment from Adorama, and have also used B and H Photo for a few items. There are many of these places around New York City, like the one I was in, and even if you are purchasing a small item, they will overcharge you. I should have known better, and I should have googled the product on my phone right in front of him, he probably would have flipped. I can't take back what happened, I did email the company that makes the filter however, and I did get the store's business card. It lists a DCA number, which is given to them by the NYC government, I may see if that could get me anywhere. My receipt says No Returns or Exchanges so can't go back to the store. I highly doubt I will get any of my money back, but I will NEVER go in one of those places again. For even a ball point pen! 

Have you ever been the subject of a scam? Hopefully this will be my first and my last.

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