Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Holiday Gifts from The Savory Pantry

With the holiday season in full swing, I thought I would remind you about our friends at The Savory Pantry for some gift baskets. We all have those family or friends that we just do not know what gift to purchase. When you know folks that are foodies, that is so easy, as a gift basket is a great idea. I have given and received them, and it is wonderful both ways. 

With The Savory Pantry, they can help you set up a custom basket, or you can pick items from their website, along with your basket type/size and your gift is ready to be shipped. I always love giving gifts that are unique, it just makes it all that special. Let's take a peek at some items that caught my interest : 

Our gift specialists are standing by to help you create a signature gift designed with your recipient in mind! Choose from one of our beautiful baskets or gift boxes, fill it with things you know they'll love, and let us do the rest. We will further customize your gift by including your hand-written gift card, business card, or company merchandise or logo. No need for stress.....we've got you covered! Nominal customization charges apply. Call us toll-free for details: 1-877-426-4887.

This Stuart and Co. Spice Rub is new and looks fabulous. Brooklyn's Stuart & Co. combines tarragon - a perfect complement to fish - with other organic ingredients from local farmers in their classic rub for fish. Grilled, baked, or broiled.....this works very well. They also make rubs for pork, beef or fowl. 

I love honey, but when I saw this flavor combo, it drew my attention. Since 1858, the Iacovanelli family has been one of Italy's leading producers of honey. Raw, organic and unfiltered, their Rosemary Honey has an intense herbal profile, typical of Mediterranean honeys. Ideal for cheese plates, baking, toast and pastries.

Since I am such a fan of honey mustard, this spicy one from Stonewall Kitchen sounds very interesting. The right balance of sweet and spicy is found in Stonewall Kitchen Spicy Honey Mustard. A new twist on an old classic, it's the perfect dipping mustard for pretzels. You will love it with shrimp and chicken, and for adding zesty flavor to sandwiches and dips calling for mustard! - 

There is nothing like fresh pasta. We made gnocchi at home, but mostly bought all other pasta we enjoyed. Since the early 1900's, Rustichella d'Abruzzo pastas have been crafted from two simple ingredients: stone ground durum wheat and pure spring water. Their Lemon Fettuccine has the addition of eggs, lemon extract and lemon peel. 

Named after the guitar strings with which it was originally cut, this traditional shape is rectangular and thinner than spaghetti. With a great surface for catching sauce, Rustichella d'Abruzzo Lemon Fettuccine is wonderful when paired with seafood, particularly scallops or shrimp. 
Praline Mustard? Really? Absolutely! This delicious combination of flavors including brown sugar, mustard, pecans and spices delivers a crowning touch when glazing ham, chicken or salmon. It offers a perfect, sweet syrupy glaze for carrots, and is fabulous drizzled over a baked sweet potato. As an appetizer, we love it served with Brie cheese and crackers. This really sounds so yummy and different! 
I am a huge nut lover, and these creme brulee almonds just sound like something from heaven! A company that has been in business since 1888 has to be doing something right! 

I hope I have shown you just a few of the superb selection at The Savory Pantry. They are great to shop all year round, but especially nice during the holidays. Everything on their site is made of incredible quality, and you cannot go wrong with any items. I really think a food gift basket is a lovely gift, and your friend or family member would be excited to receive this type of holiday gift. 

Disclosure: The Savory Pantry is an advertiser of this blog. This however is not a sponsored blog post. The Savory Pantry carries wonderful items for the holiday gift giving season, and I wanted to point out to my readers some products for a fabulous gift basket. All opinions are 100% my own.

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