Tuesday, December 23, 2014

A Tea at Ritz Carlton New York Central Park

I had the pleasure a few years ago to attend a holiday cupcake tea on my birthday at the Ritz Carlton Central Park. It was a really magical place. We even saw Jennifer Aniston behind us having breakfast! That was really quite fun, and I was proud of my friend and I as we were calm and of course did not take any photos. Her companion, a lady, actually looked at our cupcakes for the tea, and wished us a Happy Holiday when they were leaving. One of the many magical birthdays I have had in New York City!  
The table is set just lovely. They unfortunately do not have this cupcake tea for the holiday, but they still serve Afternoon Tea which I am sure is just as fabulous. 
Lemon and honey for your tea is always a must  
How cute are these guys? I loved the mini size as you could taste all of them and not get too sugar crazy.  
I really loved the teapot, creamer and cup designs. Everything is very elegant here. Very old New York I thought. 
If this does not get you in a holiday mood, I don't know what will !  
Loved the gingie cupcake, he was just so adorable! 
 Smores and carrot cake here taking their photo op ! 

When looking for something different to do during the holidays in New York City, a tea is a wonderful time. It is something to enjoy and create memories with your friends and family, and you may even see a famous person too! She was very pretty in person, but looked sad that day. Guess their lives aren't always happy and shiny every day. My top 10 tea list for NYC can be found HERE.

Afternoon Tea in The Star Lounge 
Daily at 2:30 p.m. or 3 p.m.
Relax and unwind in this restorative afternoon ritual featuring a wide selection of specialty teas complemented by sweet and savory delicacies.

Park Central and East 59th Street 

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