Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas on Lexington Avenue

New York City during Christmas is so beautiful. I don't go that often during the holidays just because it is so darn crowded. If you stay away from Rockefeller Center area, it isn't quite as bad. I really love Lexington Avenue, there are great restaurants and shops, and it's easy to walk around during the holidays. How fabulous is this door and wreath? It was snowing that day too, go figure!  
Love everything about this building. The windows, the blue, the brick - Just Fabulous !!  
Another gorgeous piece of architecture here!!  
This is a french bistro called Sel & Poivre, still need to pop in for lunch one day. 
Their decorations were just adorable!!  
I came across this lovely decorated church or school, the best part of New York City is what you find when you are least expecting it. That happens to me almost always, and puts a smile on my face.  
Isn't this lovely?  
Be sure to not forget Lexington Avenue when visiting the city any time of the year. It is also the home of one of my favorite stores, Bloomingdales! 

Have you visited on Lexington Avenue? What is your favorite spot ? 

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