Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Lord and Taylor 2014 Mini Holiday Windows

When I was in the city in November, Lord and Taylor were just getting their big windows ready. They do a really lovely job with their window styling for the holidays. They also have smaller windows, and they were completed when I was there so I thought I would show them to you. 
How cute are these birds? With some gorgeous jewelry to boot! 
The hats! Oh I was just loving this ! 
Everyone wants some Tom Ford perfume for the holidays! 
Owls are everywhere! It is just amazing me, this little guy is just too adorable! 
I couldn't get enough of these birds and their jewels! 
Looks like the yellow brick road and the Wizard of Oz to me ! 
Yes, that bird is wearing glasses and a hat 
Alice in Wonderland here 

I hope you enjoyed these "smaller" windows at Lord and Taylor. I thought they were just darling! 

Hope your Christmas Eve is just fabulous !! 

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