Monday, October 14, 2013

Gina La Fornarina on the Upper West Side

This post explains to you why you need to try new places when visiting New York City. Granted, it is nice to go to places where you are familiar, but it is also very cool to find new places. When I was in the city a few months ago, planning to explore the Upper West Side, I tried to have breakfast at one of my faves, Le Pain Quotidien. They would not wait on me, and I didn't want to waste any more time for the day. So I figured I would get something while in the Upper West Side. I was walking on Amsterdam Avenue, and saw this adorable side view of this cafe. I thought, hmmmm, this looks interesting. 
At this point, I was near brunch time, and really needed to get something. Gina La Fornarina was the name, and it looked adorable. Tables outside on a glorious New York City day hooked me in! I love the girl design on the front of the window as well. 
They carry LavAzza great is that? I needed something cold as it was a bit warm and an ice tea was necessary. 
Lemon Ricotta Pancakes with fruit was my choice. The smell alone from these was absolutely divine. 
The doll-up on the top is fresh ricotta. Be still my heart. 
This was just a fabulous brunch and I am so so glad I found the place. I will be sure to stop again, and bring friends as well. 

Have you ever stumbled upon a place that was not planned, and turned out to be fantastic? 

Gina La Fornarina on Urbanspoon
You can check out their 3 locations on their website on Madison Ave., Upper East and West Sides 

Today's Words of Wisdom: “If you had to choose one person in the entire world to eat for breakfast, who would you eat, and why? ” ― Roger Schuster

My pick would be "James Dean" !! 

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Daryl said...

i havent been there but i pass it all the time .. must stop in .. i found a new place this weekend when there were no tables available at hi-life on amsterdam/84th .. we walked down the street and happened on French Coast .. quite a nice little menu and the food was delish

miss b said...

I could quite happily spend some time here! It all looks delicious!

Louise said...

This looks so yummy and has made me fall in love with NYC all the more. Oh to spend my days exploring different places for delicious breakfasts like this...a girl can dream :)


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