Friday, October 11, 2013

The 2013 German American Steuben Parade of New York

The German American Steuben Parade took place on September 21, 2013 and I happened to be in the city that day. I wasn't aware it was going on until I got in my cab, but seeing this in front of the Metropolitan Museum of Art was quite a site! They had about 5,000 marchers walking up 5th Avenue from 68th to 86th street. There were 20 groups from Germany plus one from Switzerland and Canada. I hope you enjoy some of my photos from the event.  

I loved loved this vintage fire truck and the fact it actually still runs from 1906 amazed me!  

I need a whisk this big in my kitchen  

These ladies were rocking these fabulous hats !! 
Bucket List: Doing a handstand in front of the Metropolitan Museum of Art 
This was just way too darn cool  
As I watched the parade, I looked up at the top of the museum. Normally I am just running in to see what great exhibits are going on, and do not really stay at the building itself. This was just so beautiful  I hope you enjoyed the parade, and if you are in the city next year around this time, you may get to see it in person. A really fun event! 

Today's Words of Wisdom: “Eating in Germany is easy, because there is basically only one kind of food, called the 'wurst.'” Dave Barry

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Unknown said...

What a fun parade! I am in desperate need to visit the MET. Hope you are having a great beginning to Fall Rosemary. Happy Weekend!


Chic Delights said...

What a fun and interesting parade. Have a wonderful weekend.

mispapelicos said...

How fabulous, ahhhhhhhhhhhh
Everytime I visit your blog I want to catch the fisrt plane to New York, ahhhhhhhhhhhh. On day...
Have a fabulous Sunday, dear Rosmery

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