Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Crown Jewels at the 2013 Philadelphia Flower Show

American Institute of Floral Designers (AIFD)
12343 Academy Road, Philadelphia, PA  19154
Contact: Ron Mulray, 215-632-6270,
Crown Jewels
Enter the Jewel House in the Tower of London, where AIFD interprets the magnificent Crown Jewels of Britain’s royalty through floral artistry. Spanning centuries of the Monarchy, the Royal Regalia is presented in the splendor of rich jewel tones. This spectacular collection is designed to capture the elegance of the historic jewels, with a creative vision for the future. 
Probably my favorite part of the show. But you already knew that, didn't you?  
Displays that understood the greatness of what is The Crown Jewels  
How amazing are these pieces?  
A crown made of rose petals. I would wear that.  
A gorgeous necklace  
Another fabulous crown. I would say in all truth these are probably not very comfortable to wear.  
This display was so lovely and I am thrilled with the colors here Big Time.  
Dainty earrings  
Where the Monarch would sit is all roses.....such a detailed piece  
One word here....Chanel .  
Love the pearls on this crown and the cross at the top as well   
Since blue is my favorite color, this was probably my favorite display 
This would probably be a lot lighter than those other crowns, don't you think? So delightful !! 
Imagine sapphires, diamonds and amethyst on this crown. I am just in awe !! 
One after another of really amazing works of art in jewelry  
Ahh, the Queen herself had to make a visit, even if just in a photo!! 

Do you have a favorite jewel ? Mine is the sapphire, I think due to the engagement ring of the late Princess of Wales, I just fell in love with that stone. Because of her ring, given by Prince Charles back in 1981 when they got engaged, colored engagement rings became all the rage. I personally love the idea.

Did you know?  **

The fact that any of The Queen's Crown Jewels remain intact is astonishing considering their past...
  • It is believed that King John lost the Crown Jewels in 1216
  • Edward III (1327 - 1377) used the Crown Jewels as collateral to pay his troops
  • Henrietta Maria, the wife of Charles I, pawned the Crown Jewels at the beginning of the Civil War
  • Oliver Cromwell ordered the Crown Jewels to be broken up, symbolising the destruction of the 
  • The Crown Jewels were nearly stolen in 1671. The dashing Irishman Colonel Blood knocked the Jewel House keeper on the head with a mallet and squashed the arches of Charles II’s State Crown so as to hide it under his cloak.
  • The British monarchy is the only monarchy in Europe that still uses its Crown Jewels in coronation ceremonies

** from the website Historic Royal Places 

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Daryl said...

its a wonderful exhibit, made me think of the Parade of Roses .. so cleverly creative

Lisa Gordon said...

Oh my goodness, what a wonderful place to be with a camera. Everything is breathtakingly beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing these here.

nycstylelittlecannoli said...

Yes Daryl I love the Rose Parade, if that is what you are thinking of

Such gorgeous works of art

Thank you for your lovely comment Lisa !!

Akila said...

Wow so mushy jewels.. Very nice

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