Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Photo Gallery Tuesday "Shoes"

I really do not know why we have this obsession with shoes. I can blame mine on my father, who was a shoe repairman, and I visited his shop often to see what he was making from old to new. Whether it is a chocolate shoe, a Prada shoe, a flower shoe, a gold Versace, a Christian Louboutin with red souls or a classic Ferragamo ....we are impressed. I myself am not a fan of heels, but I have been known to work a wedge or two! I used to work part time in a fancy local shoe shop, and when we were not busy, I would try on the heels and walk around - to the amusement of my co worker (because I couldn't walk in them!)!! I notice sometimes when in NYC, I see ladies with these very high heels and they are wobbling. Guess I am not the only one who has issues! My latest shoe of choice has been TOMS , as they are making such cute styles, they give a shoe to a child in need with each purchase, and I can walk all around the city in them comfortably. Hope you have a most fabulous Tuesday !!  

Be sure to check out the Shoe Obsession exhibit at FIT Museum (it's free) from Feb 8th to April 13, 2013

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1 comment

Daryl said...

i am a boot whore, i love shoes but i wear a large size and my feet are narrow .. so shoes dont love me back .. boots however almost always do .. i am wear a pair of booties today that are my go-to for walking and will be accompanying me to paris!

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