Wednesday, March 13, 2013

2013 Philadelphia International Flower Show

I had the great pleasure of our contributor, Peg, from the Maryland events, to cover the 2013 Philadelphia International Flower Show titled Brilliant. Peg is an avid gardener, so I knew the show was in the right hands, not to mention, a great photographer! 

Here are some of Peg's comments about the show and a tease of some of the photographs, more posts on this event to follow: 

The Royal Gates are open to welcome you. If you follow the red carpet, you will approach Big Ben. 
Big Ben Plaza is surrounded by a waterfall and various flowers ie, roses, snapdragons, and several trees.  Each hour it plays music from the British Invasion for all to enjoy, and displays pictures of the Royal Family and other musical artists from Great Britain.
The Crown Jewels – this display is a must-see. The jewels contain stones and roses. The crown has  amazing detail. Shown in the display are the sabers, tiaras, pearls, and rings. They are gorgeous.  The sapphires, topaz, diamonds, and pearls are beautiful. 
The Mad Hatter Tea Party is surrounded by gates. On the front gate is a large clock, and to the right are directions for the party. Alice and friends are bronze statues on the four corners of the display. Don’t be late, late, for a very important date!
The kitchen tables are welcoming. Each table as a different theme depicting a table in an English home. My favorite was table with the dog underneath. The cottage table has a window with white curtains, and on the reverse side is a flower box filled with flowers.

The Camden Children’s Garden is a special place. Children are allowed to walk under the bridge and take in all the wonder. There are fairies dancing in the garden, trees, and a large bird house to welcome friends of the backyard. The children appeared to enjoy the wonder of it all. 

Table settings

The table settings, from the outdoor to the Royal Palace were magnificent. The floral arrangements and individual place settings are something to behold. Do people really sit at tables with the outrageous settings and flowers? Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

The Marketplace, as usual, is where you should spend some of your time. You can purchase the Flower Show Bouquets for $15.00. The bouquet has sunflowers, tulips, and a large collection of the spring flowers that will be coming to your garden soon. The vendors sell everything from copper pots, stained glass, hanging baskets and variety of flowers and plants, including violets. There are a few vendors selling rose bouquets and the colors are amazing.
A few of the vendors at this year’s show are; Flowers by David, Robertson’s Flowers, Stony Bank Nurseries. This show created by the Pennsylvania Horticulture Society. The volunteers do a great job. 
Be sure to visit in 2014 – and take time to smell the flowers!

 A HUGE Thank you to Peg for this write up and photography. We will be having more in-depth posts on this show, the Crown Jewels display is breathtaking. And a few other surprises too!! 

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Sandy at You May Be Wandering said...

Lovely photos...the show looked wonderful!! Thanks for sharing! xoxo

miss b said...

This looks wonderful and so creative. I love the British theme too! Big Ben looks amazing and a Mad Hatter's tea Party - that's fun.

Daryl said...


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