Monday, November 19, 2012

The Upper East Side Ralph Lauren Store

I finally was able to check out the newly restored Ralph Lauren store on Madison Avenue in the Upper East Side. I have to say that New York City has provided me with much history to learn, even when I didn't realize I was learning something. This building is just breathtaking and I tend to really love this style of architecture. I came to find out, it is called Beaux-Arts, the term meaning "fine arts". Whenever I come across a building in the city where I am just blown away by the beauty of it, and must stare for quite a bit of time, it is done in the Beaux-Arts style. So, as much as New York City has wonderful food and shopping till you drop, you can gain a sense of something new. Something that makes you want to find out more, to learn more. Okay, let's take a peek at the building ....

Architectural Digest did a fabulous feature about this building and you can see the inside as well HERE. I have always been a fan of Ralph Lauren and of course frequent his daughter Dylan's Candy Bar as well. How great is this door?    
Another amazing door on the Upper East Side  
the building next door was pretty amazing as well  especially with that classic door above 
the Ralph Lauren windows were quite chic  

I really love this look and that hat is quite the charmer !!  
So gorgeous is this building......what do you think of the design? It has become my new obsession I am afraid, so you will be seeing more buildings in this design. They are very easy on the eyes and we are just so lucky to be able to enjoy their beauty. 

Today's Words of Wisdom: A Happy Young Person will be a Happy Old Person 

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SohoAccessories said...

our right this building is beautiful. I rarely get to the East Side. Maybe I should broaden my horizons..8>)

Daryl said...

a favorite Eastside stop of mine

nycstylelittlecannoli said...

I couldn't stop staring at this place
So darn gorgeous!!

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