Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Welcome our newest sponsor "The Savory Pantry"

I am so thrilled to be introducing you to our newest sponsor here at NYC, Style and a little Cannoli, The Savory Pantry

When I think of this company, the words class, elegance, and quality come to mind. The Savory Pantry is owned by Keeley DeSalvo, and is based in Hot Springs, Arkansas. The idea to open this fabulous shop came to Keeley when she moved back to Arkansas from being in the Washington DC area for a few years. She found she couldn’t find the selection of specialty products that were available to her in Washington, so she opened The Savory Pantry in 1998. Gourmet olive oils, lemon curd, various types of salts, and apple butter were a few of the beginning staples. The website launched in 2000 and was quite popular with folks looking for these same products.

I had the pleasure of meeting Keeley in the spring of this year, and we really felt her shop and this blog had a wonderful fit. Some of the products I use from The Savory Pantry are: Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Bean Paste, Sarabeth's Peach Apricot Jam, Divina Olives Stuffed with Garlic, Mango Lime Salsa , India Tree Maple Sugar

The gourmet food industry has just grown by leaps and bounds, even from when Keeley opened her shop in 1998. People are always looking for the next great food item, something maybe we would not think of, to be able to enjoy with family and friends. I also find that these types of items make great gifts, you can make up baskets yourself, or The Savory Pantry can make one for you and ship to your loved ones. The baskets actually come from the basket shop in Chelsea Market, which I thought was quite wonderful.

Please feel free to check out The Savory Pantry website, and see what amazing food finds are available. I am so thrilled to have Keeley on board, and we will be doing some fantastic giveaways as well, so be sure you are signed up to receive our posts emailed.  




Please call toll-free:
The Savory Pantry
P.O. Box 1220
Hot Springs National Park, AR 71902
214 Central Avenue
Hot Springs, AR 71901

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Chic Delights said...

It must be a wonderful place to shop. I will check out their website. I nominated your blog for the Liebster Blog award in my post today. You have a great blog. Pamela

nycstylelittlecannoli said...

Thank you again for your kind words. If you like fabulous gourmet foods, this is a fun place to explore. Savory Pantry will be one of your new favorites!!

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