Friday, August 31, 2012

A little Chanel and Bergdorf Goodman

My recent trip to the city for a few days consisted of some shopping. Well, more like window shopping but fun nonetheless. These photos were all taken with my Samsung Galaxy phone, which shocks me at times how well it takes shots. I was trying to be quick taking these, so my big Canon wasn't going to be brought out. This f a b u l o u s Chanel Russian Nesting Doll blew my mind! Could it not be more adorable? This was in Bloomingdale's and I had to be able to show you.  
This coat was just silly. Silly in a good way of course. Chanel. Pearls. Rhinestones. Ultimate Detail.Classic. J'Adore!! 
I then headed to Bergdorf Goodman, which I normally photograph their windows, this time to the 7th floor.  
Displays that will just blow your mind.  
This place setting looks like something that would be in Buckingham Palace!!  
I just loved this statue at this table setting. So adorable! Even if you cannot afford to purchase anything, this floor is a treat for the eyes and gives you the chance to see items that you do not see everyday. 

Today's Words of Wisdom: Lift People Up 

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Content Director - Strong Female Leaders said...

I will always have a deep appreciation for Chanel. These are beautiful.

Barbara F. said...

I don't miss working at all and certainly not my daily grind into the city from SI, but I do miss being close to these store, their fabulous window displays, merchandise. I need to do a day trip in late fall, I think. Great post, rosemary. xo (ur Twitter buddy)

Barbara F. said...

I thought you lived in the city! But you live in my absolute favorite state!!! Actually taking a ride there this weekend. xo

Unknown said...

Oh how I love Bergdorm and it's windows. Chanel displays are always a show stopper and well, all the decadence that comes with these two powerhouses. Truly enjoyed your post doll! Happy Weekend. :)


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