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Boston Bakes For Breast Cancer May 7 to 13, 2012

The fabulous twitter has allowed me to meet/tweet with a great lady, Carol Brownman Sneider, who began Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer. I had heard about this event before, but tweeting with Carol made me look into the event a bit more. I think it is a wonderful way to combine a love of baking to support a cause like Breast Cancer. It is a disease that must be beat. There has been much advancement to the cure in recent years, but still so much more to do. 

From the Boston Bakes For Breast Cancer Website, here is some information on what they do: 

Boston Bakes 2012. A Sweet Success.

Now in it’s 13th year, Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer,  has evolved and grown into one of the sweetest weeks Boston and the Greater Boston area experiences. Last year we had record-breaking participation, and teamed up with over 270 restaurants, bakeries, and cafes across the region.

We have proudly grown from a local, small, breast cancer event fundraiser, one that honors all the mothers, daughters, fathers and families afflicted with this disease  into one of the sweetest weeks in Boston.

We are thrilled to have Dana-Farber Cancer Institute as our supporting partner for our 13th consecutive year.  In addition, we are proud to announce that, in 2011, our total giving to Dana-Farber Caner Institute reached over $1.75 million dollars raised.  Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer 2011 raised almost eighty thousand dollars for breast cancer research at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.  Our commitment to the cause has raised money for several cutting-edge clinical trials, visiting professorships, and the establishment of a psychosocial research and support program for patients and their families.

This year, we were excited to announce that there were many new ways to get involved and make a difference.
Many of shared the sweet love, via
  • Tweets
  • Facebook posts
  • You tube video’s.
As we welcomed new restaurants, bakeries, and sweet establishments, with your help and support Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer was a huge success. Many visited these wonderful restaurants, sampled the creations of Boston’s finest pastry chefs to help us raise money to find cure for a disease that affects so many men and women we know and love.

Thanks again for joining us May 7-13th, 2012, as we celebrated one of Boston’s Sweetest Weeks, Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer!

Carol Brownman Sneider
Founder of Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer

You can sign up HERE for the registration for the bake sale 

This charity not only helps the Boston area, it helps everyone since the money donated helps research the best cures possible. I also think it is wonderful that you can also help by purchasing from online companies and the proceeds are sent to Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer.  You will feel better supporting this cause, I know I will be making an online purchase to help raise money for breast cancer. Now, to decide what to order. I may need to order more than 1 item!

Today's Words of Wisdom: If you want to feel good, help others 

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