Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Robicelli's Cupcakes

As we know, New York City and cupcakes go hand in hand. I had heard about Robicelli's forever and finally got to try them at the Madison Square Eats in October. I had the pleasure of meeting Allison Robicelli, whom with her husband Matt, think of some great unique cupcake flavors. They are from Brooklyn and started the business in 2005.......let's see the cuppies, shall we....... 
They are a nice size, very moist and the flavors just come out in each one. Their website says they have 165 flavors and it is still growing....that is called dedication in my book. The middle one with the pistachios was called the The Dom DeLuise with Pistachio cake, ricotta buttercream, roasted pistachios - it said cannoli all over it. I was in pure heaven.  

*above photo from Robicelli's website 

Some other flavors have been: 

The CPB:  Chocolate cake, peanut butter buttercream, ganache, roasted peanuts
Tiramisu:  Espresso soaked cake, espresso ganache, mascarpone buttercream, cocoa powder
Tres Leches:  Three milk soaked brown butter cake, dulce de leche buttercream, caramel shards
The Duckwalk:  Vanilla cake, blueberry port syrup & buttercream, wild Maine blueberries
Bananas Foster:  Dark rum spiked banana cake, rum-salted caramel buttercream, caramel drizzle
The Elvis:  Banana cake, peanut butter buttercream, brown sugar candied bacon
Strawberry Champagne:  Champagne cake, fresh strawberry buttercream, strawberry champagne compote ***Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day & New Year’s Eve***

The best place to keep up with their locations is on their social networking sites below. If you see these cupcakes anywhere in New York City, run to buy a few. Trust Me. You will be forever happy with yourself and I am looking forward to what 2012's new flavors will bring as well as some new items as well. 

Today's Words of Wisdom: The Best Ingredients Make the Best Meal 

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Anonymous said...

A couple of tough cookies from Brooklyn who make the most amazing cupcakes. Gotta love them.
X David

nycstylelittlecannoli said...

Very true indeed, David!! I was so happy to finallt try them and they were so worth it!!!

The Single Nester said...

Those cupcakes look dee-lish!

nycstylelittlecannoli said...

if you ever see these anywhere in the city, be sure to buy some. so worth every penny!!

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