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Macy's at Herald Square "Towers of Flowers " 2011 Flower Show


New York, NY (March 10, 2011) – Though the gray skies, countless slush puddles and endless snowfall may suggest otherwise, the spirit of Spring is in the air at the 37th Annual Macy’s Flower Show®.  This season, floral enthusiasts and aspiring green-thumbs alike will have the opportunity to escape the harsh elements and enter an urban oasis as the Main Floor of Herald Square is transformed from a vibrant retail landscape to an unexpected floral wonderland, complete with flourishing hydrangea and lush tropical trees. Visitors from across the country and around the globe are invited to take a journey into a world of discovery, as the 37th annual Macy’s Flower Show goes on display from Sunday, March 27 through Sunday, April 10, 2011.

A welcome break from this winter’s extreme weather, the Macy’s Flower Show will present an artistic and aesthetically pleasing show for visitors who will enter a serene springtime sanctuary where vibrant plants and flowers blanket the Main Floor of the Broadway Building and spill out into the world-famous windows. While some floral and plant varieties will be easily recognizable to the “garden variety” botanical enthusiast, more exotic species that have traveled to New York from countries around the world will require a second look. Nonetheless, with the overwhelming aroma of blooming flowers and the dazzling array of colors there is no doubt that spring has sprung in Herald Square!

Additionally, to get the public in the mood for the spring awakening, for the first-time ever, Macy’s Flower Show will scent its event advertising through a unique fragrance technology by partner Celessence™. The refreshing scent - a combination of lavender and chamomile, will give the public a preview of the lush garden smells that await their visit to the show.

The theme of this year’s Flower Show is “Towers of Flowers” which will be reflected in various visual elements throughout the show.  From the perennial fan favorite Bouquet of the Day, and the world famous Broadway windows, to the stately and awe-inspiring towers of flowers majestically holding court on the main aisle, this year’s visual elements are specifically designed to take the Macy’s Flower Show to new heights!

Working with Ireland Gannon Associates, Macy’s spends an entire year nurturing one idea from seed and cultivating it into a kaleidoscopic spectacular that is viewed by hundreds of thousands of visitors over the course of two short weeks. During the week-long installation process, hundreds of designers, horticulturists and supporters work endlessly around the clock, carefully installing 100,000 plants and flowers to bring the Macy’s Flower Show to full bloom. It is with this hard work and meticulous attention to detail that this visually stunning, floral fantasy seems to magically grow.

“Macy's 2011 Flower Show will be the largest and most ambitious effort in the show's history," says Robin Hall, executive producer of the annual event. "Our five flagship shows in New York City, Philadelphia, Chicago, Minneapolis and San Francisco with be joined by an all-new show this year, in Washington D.C., one that is being created as an extension of the National Cherry Blossom Festival." Hall added, "In the course of its two-week run, Macy's Flower Show will transform the main aisle of Macy’s Herald Square into an exquisite landscape of soft colors punctuated with a series of jaw-dropping towers that promises to take audiences to new heights."
                                                                    Take a Guided Tour!

Experience Macy's Flower Show to the fullest by taking a 20-minute guided tour. Learn how the show was installed, plus get incredible details on this year's flowers and plants.

Tours are complimentary and available every half hour between 11 am and 4 pm at Macy's 35th and Broadway entrance.
Featured Gardens
Main Floor
Antebellum Garden
Featured along the main aisle, this new garden is inspired by the flora of the American Southeast. Transport yourself to the gardens of Charleston, Savannah and Atlanta as you take in the palmetto palms, dogwoods, gardenias, magnolias and camellias.
Japanese Garden
Presented by Carnegie Hall's Japan NYC Festival, the Japanese garden, located along the 35th street aisle, is a quiet, peaceful space featuring plants, materials and design from the Far East. Look forward to seeing different kinds of bamboo, heavenly palms, azaleas, pines, cypress and mums. Presented by Carnegie Hall Japan NYC.
Tropical Garden
A celebration of the earth's bounty to humanity, the Tropical Garden features trees and shrubs that grow in equatorial areas around the world and produce everyday delicacies such as cacao (chocolate), coffee, kumquats, mangos, sugar cane, citrus, papayas and bananas.
Hydrangea Garden
One of the most beloved flowers of spring, the beautifully big and colorful hydrangea gets its very own garden in the 34th street aisle. Enjoy a gorgeous variety of this crowd favorite including hydrangea trees, oak leaf hydrangeas, lacecap hydrangeas, viburnums opulus, nikko blue and endless summer hydrangeas.
Desert Garden
If you can stand the heat, head over to our cactus and succulent garden. An array of unusual beauties from hot, dry and arid regions, this garden features barrel cactus, euphorbia, kalanchoe, air plants, saguaro cactus and more.

         Macy's flower show is not to be sure to make plans to check it out this year!


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