Sunday, April 25, 2010

Macy's Herald Square 2010 Flower Show

Macy's in Herald Square has been a shopping institution since 1902. It is one of the last turn-of-the-century department stores in existence. I have to admit, I love the Thanksgiving parade and one of these days I would love to see it live but I normally am a Bloomingdales person myself. I decided to attend their annual flower show this year as did visit it many years ago. Let's just say, I will be going back to actually shop a bit as didn't have time with checking out the flower show and taking shots galore!! The shoe department was very scary. I had to leave quickly as a sale was going on and I saw too many great little shoes calling my name!!! 

The store is transformed into a flower wonderland. This year's show features 10 different garden environments with over 30,000 varieties of trees, flowering plants and lots of color. You can take free guided tours which I thought was a nice touch or just walk around on your own. I decided to go it alone as they have a program guide on the main floor which tells you were all the displays are located, the store is very big so this is a good idea!! My goal was to arrive 1st thing in the morning before the crowds really got heavy. For those who like table settings, they have some great ones and I took shots of all for you to see. This will be quite a few posts as there were many shots taken and lots to see. So sit back, have a latte and maybe a biscotti and enjoy the flower show. Spring is in the Air !!! 

it was a gorgeous day

they have a lot of windows 

I liked the handbags promoting the flower show

I was very well behaved and didn't purchase any!!

flower jewelry

what would we do without handbags??

such a great accessory 

did someone say shoes?? Donald J Pliner .....which are soo great!!

the windows were so springy!!

all roses for Chloe'

great window for The Adams Family ...Nathan Lane is such a talent!!

more windows tomorrow.....Macy's is a huge store therefore has a lot of windows to showcase this flower show........stay tuned......

Cannoli Dreams for You.....until next post 


Splenderosa said...

Rosemary dear one, this post is fabulous. So fabulous, in fact, that I've posted your link on my post and told everyone to come see you this week for this series. Let me know what happens. I'm looking forward to the great tabletop photos. xx's Marsha

Paris Pastry said...

I had no idea Macy's had a flower show! The Chloe display is so pretty.

A Walker in NYC said...

Your enthusiasm for NYC inspires my own - which is pretty great to begin with. Next time you are at Macy's, check out the small building hidden behind all the signs at the corner of 34th and Broadway. It is the most famous "holdout" building in NYC - the owner just would not sell, so they built the huge store around it.

nycstylelittlecannoli said...

thanx Bob and I so look forward to our walking tour in a few weeks!

Fifi Flowers said...

J'adore the NYC shop windows.. they are truly the BEST!!!

Vær våken said...

You make me wanna go shopping again! Love the Chloe display - beautiful! I'll tell you when the pop corn arrives!!


Herald Towers said...

I love the Flower Show at Macy's Herald Square. Just looking at this photos reminds me of how badly I can't wait for it to be Spring again.

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