Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Macy's Flower Show Windows #2

I said they had a lot of windows and I meant that...here are a few more great window shots yelling Flower Show and Spring 2010 ..........

balloons and flowers go very well together

kites yell springtime as well...check out those shoes!!

really cute ideas in these windows

looks like you can yell ..."weeee" 

these girls were flying in mid air - wouldn't that be fun??

these clothes are cute and affordable at the same time

really great window but look at that top!!!

it was like a tee with lots of sparkles...soo pretty !!

I was wondering when these windows would end??

the store does take like a whole block and is 2 buildings

are we ready for some flowers?? stay tuned......

Cannoli Dreams for You.....until next post 

1 comment

Splenderosa said...

OMG, how I wish I was there with you. I miss NYC so much. I think I will cry.

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