Monday, August 19, 2019

Summer Flowers in New York City and 40 Carrots

Can someone tell me where the summer went? I cannot believe Labor Day is in 2 weeks! I am not a HUGE fan of summer in the city, but everything looks so fresh and colorful. My favorite time of year is coming up, Fall, as the weather is perfect for exploring and walking around. The above shot was taken on Park Avenue, just a total gem of a shot. Here are some of the lovely views I enjoyed walking around my most favorite city. Enjoy !! 

40 Carrots in Bloomingdales did some renovations and it looks great. Their yogurt is a must try, but I had an amazing crab salad below that really blew my mind. It is best to pop here on weekdays or later on a weekend day, Saturday afternoons are pretty crowded. It is worth the wait I have to admit! 

The beauty of the NY Public Library and Bryant Park is always something to put a smile on my face. These places in the city are what make it so wonderful, you never get tired of these views. Such iconic treasures. 

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