Monday, February 5, 2018

Downton Abbey The Exhibition Part 1

This is going to be Downton Abbey week on the blog! I had the pleasure of visiting the exhibition in New York City the month of December and well, there is so much to show you, we will be touring the exhibit all week! Even for those who didn't watch the show, if you love history and fashion, you will enjoy this exhibit. The exhibit is located in the old Lee's Art Shop, which I just loved visiting and they did a great job. I went during the week, which I would highly recommend as walking past on a Saturday about 2 weeks ago, the lines were HUGE! I was able to view everything at my own pace, and photograph, which I enjoyed for almost 2 hours! 

I really enjoyed the show especially when it started, my Mom and I couldn't wait for the new episodes on Sunday nights. I kind of felt when it ended it was time, I felt the story lines were getting a bit far-fetched. I still loved to watch for the grandeur of the homes and the gorgeous fashions of the time period. 

These look so fancy for the guys! 

I LOVE Violet's comments - she really had some of the best lines in the show! 

The kitchen was so cool, so much detail every where you turned 

This was neat to see in person, you could imagine the actors sitting at the table! 

This was my most favorite, the bell board was just so amazing! 

Many details in Carson's pantry as well 

Well, I guess I could handle being a Lady's Maid! 

Downton Abbey: the Exhibition is in New York City for a limited time.
Extended by popular demand! Open now through April 2, 2018.

Location: 218 West 57th Street (between Broadway and 7th Avenue)

The Daily VIP ticket for $49.00 allows guests to visit the exhibition on the selected date of visit at any time during normal operating hours.  The ticket also includes a complimentary multi-media device with behind the scenes videos which is not included with the general admission ticket. The regular admission ticket is $35.00 for entry at a specific date and time.

10am to 8pm (last ticket sold at 7pm) Monday – Sunday

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