Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Downton Abbey The Exhibition Part 2

This second part of the exhibit shows some of the most gorgeous rooms - Mary's bedroom and the Dining Room with the most amazing dining table setting. They really have everything here down to each little detail, feels like you are walking on the set of the show! They did extend this exhibit to April 2, 2018 due to being so popular. I would love to go another time, if I can get there during the weekday.  

I loved Matthew's photo on Mary's dresser!  

Loved this info about the undergarments in the time period!  

This just left me speechless. Totally a wonderful treat for the eyes!  

The costumes are just so fantastic to see in person 

I loved the different pastel colors here  

The beading on these gowns is some true artwork  

Upon seeing the ladies designs, you can see how very slight they are  

The gentleman's designs were pretty neat as well  

I loved all the accessories they had on display, I was a bit disappointed in the items in the gift shop. I did end up purchasing a bracelet as I wanted something from the exhibit.  

Downton Abbey: the Exhibition is in New York City for a limited time.
Extended by popular demand! Open now through April 2, 2018.

Location: 218 West 57th Street (between Broadway and 7th Avenue)

The Daily VIP ticket for $49.00 allows guests to visit the exhibition on the selected date of visit at any time during normal operating hours.  The ticket also includes a complimentary multi-media device with behind the scenes videos which is not included with the general admission ticket. The regular admission ticket is $35.00 for entry at a specific date and time. 

10am to 8pm (last ticket sold at 7pm) Monday – Sunday

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