Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Maison Kayser August 2017

I always feel the need to show off the items at Masion Kayser. It is one of my favorite spots in the city, and they are opening more each day. I would be quite happy with one of these on every corner like Starbucks. Their savory items are just as good as the desserts, and the whole atmosphere is so lovely.  


Everything that comes from our stores is created with the highest standards for quality, a respect for tradition and a love for our craft without any compromises. All of our products are made without additives or preservatives, prepared from only natural flours. We use the essence of the bread, the natural liquid leaven that gives our bread its unique texture and develops various flavors that you cannot find in industrial production.


Patience is the answer. It takes a lot of time and effort to become a good baker. And it takes the same time and effort to make a great bread. At Maison Kayser, we allow at least 12 hours for all of our dough to rest before baking. The same goes for our pastries and viennoiserie. Can you believe that our pastry chef is meticulously icing each éclair by hand, one by one, every day?


Being authentic does not mean you cannot be creative. We truly believe that combining the ancestral techniques with a pinch of the most innovative standards of gastronomy can give birth to brilliant creations!

For 18 years, we have been developing original recipes in the respect of the French artisanal bakery tradition, using exotic ingredients, and maintaining our focus on our core values that set Maison Kayser apart!

The items regarding authenticity, patience and creativity come from the Maison Kayser website. Every item here is perfection. Even my Arnold Palmer drink is the best I have ever tasted!  
I LOVE these little desserts for just a small sweetness with a cup of coffee or tea  

Make sure to add Maison Kayser to your "to-do" list when in the city. You will never be disappointed. You can check their website for the many wonderful locations within the city. 

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