Wednesday, March 30, 2016

March 2016 Scenes in New York City

I just got over a 3 month drought from being in the city, and it felt fabulous. Here are some lovely scenes from my few days in Gotham! This photo above was taken from the Petrie Court Café in the Met Museum. It looks like a postcard, doesn't it? The Cherry Blossoms just bloomed, and the city is just in magical Spring mode. 

The entrance to The Frick Museum, on 5th Avenue and East 70th Street, is just gorgeous!  
The lovely garden at The Frick Museum  
Cherry Blossoms at The Frick Museum were just breathtaking  
I never get tired of coming across these gorgeous buildings! I still cannot believe March is almost over! I am oh so ready for Spring and some nice weather!  
Yes, I had to stop at Dylan's Candy Bar the weekend of Easter. It was pretty crazy in there, but I got out quicker than I thought. I had to do some shopping for a good friend who needed to be spoiled by some yummy candy! I just loved this jelly bean photo of Dylan herself!  
The flowers are starting to bloom and it's so nice to see COLOR!  
There were HUGE lines at the Neue Galerie, home to my fave Cafe Sabarsky, on Friday and Saturday.  "Munch and Expressionism," is one of their newer exhibits, which showcases the famous painting "The Scream" from 1895, which may be the reason for the lines. The exhibit is on view until June 13, 2016.  
I just love pansies!  
Walking around New York City, you become obsessed with doors. Trust me, it is a good obsession!  
I really loved the lanterns here, black and gold are so classic. 

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