Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Happy Cannoli Day

Yes, today is Cannoli Day, what a wonderful idea! We had to celebrate the holiday here on the blog, with many drool worthy photos of one of the greatest Italian desserts of all time!! 
The best way to purchase cannoli is to have the shells filled when you order them. A soggy cannoli is not a fun treat! These shells were just awaiting to be ordered and filled for enjoyment!  
These are hazelnut and strawberry filling cannoli which where just pretty darn tasty!  
Chocolate peanut butter cannoli - need I say more ?  
Mini cannoli at the holiday tea at The Plaza Hotel  
Beautiful selection of cannoli in Little Italy  
The Cake Boss cannoli selection  
My favorite grocery store, Wegmans, makes a cannoli cheesecake. It is pure heaven!  
Venerio's makes amazing cannoli and the chocolate is made with the ricotta filling as well. They are filled so well and fresh when you order them, happy cannoli !!  
I was a bit disappointed in Eataly's cannoli selection, only mini's were offered and a bit on the pricey side.  
Cannoli from the place they were born, Italy, looking so yummy!!  
Cannoli cronut - I can't say anything else about this one - Sublime would work  
I love when the edge of the shell is dipped in chocolate, as it isn't as sweet as the whole shell dipped in chocolate, just the right amount  
Cannoli cake from the Cake Boss Cafe  
This cannoli cake tower from the Cake Boss Cafe looked like such an awesome idea!  
Ferrara made this giant cannoli for the San Gennaro festival - I was totally in love! All I need is a spoon!!  

I hope you be sure to enjoy a cannoli day today, the day we celebrate one of the most fabulous desserts on the planet!!


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