Monday, June 15, 2015

A Walk Around New York City

Upon one of my recent trips to the city, I thought it would be fun to take you along with me for part of my day! We are strolling on West 55th Street here, with some lovely restaurant storefronts. 2 great Italian selections available for you to choose! They look so cozy, don't they?  
Right next door is the famous Soup Man. His items are now in supermarkets, I have yet to try anything. Have you tried his soups or food items? Are they worth all the hype?  
We are now on 5th Avenue for some window art at St John. I loved the colors in these windows.  
The Valentino window was very neat !  
St John window with some cool neon lighting  
It took me forever to get this shot with no one in front of it. Photography is all about timing, and you must be patient. Eventually you will get your shot!  
Since I am getting a bit hungry, La Maison du Chocolate in Rockefeller Center is a fun place for dessert. This was too pretty to eat, but I enjoyed it anyway!  
Christie's is right across from the chocolate shop. I love that! How cute is this painting? Information is below :  

I really loved this one. I love anything with lots of color, it just makes me happy!  

This one I really went nuts over, I just loved it! I looked up the artist, and found out that he also is known for painting desserts. My kind of guy! I need to find a print for my kitchen!  

This is one of his dessert prints! Is it not FAB ? I just love it! The best thing about Christie's for me is I learn about many artists that I would not know about otherwise. You really obtain some education in history when you visit Christie's showroom.  The folks working there are also some of the nicest people, and you can ask them any questions, they are always happy to answer for you. 
A very beautiful Chagall painting here  

Did you enjoy your day with me? I hope so, I love to have a day where I just kind of wander with no plans and see what I find. In New York City, you just never know what you will come across. It never ceases to amaze and delight me even though I have been going for many, many years!!


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