Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Sarabeth's Amazing Selections

Sarabeth's is pretty much a pretty popular place in New York City. There are 5 locations within Manhattan, but reservations are always needed, especially on weekends. I have been meaning to try the food here for ages, I have had her wonderful preserves which are just the best I have ever enjoyed! So, funny as in 2015 I get to visit Sarabeth's twice! It was worth the wait, and I will be back again, and be sure to do reservations so I can be assured a seat! I hope you are not too hungry while you enjoy this post! If so, I do apologize! 
I just recently tried Eggs Benedict a few years ago, god knows what took me so long! The traditional version at Sarabeth's is just silly. The muffin underneath is homemade, and everything just tastes perfect. Portion size is huge, and I love the fact you can have breakfast until 3:30pm Monday thru Friday. My Mom always loved to have breakfast for dinner, it was just a fun thing to do! 

This is their granola, again, huge portion with lovely fruit and greek yogurt. 
They also have a lunch prix fixe for $29.00 which give you a salad or soup, choice of main which here is the salmon and dessert. I think that is a great deal, not only for New York City, but any city, for a very tasty lunch. Sometimes I like to have a bigger lunch when in the city, and just do something light for dinner. 
This is their crab cakes benedict. It was sublime. The egg is on top and instead of the ham, you have a most amazing crab cake! They also make this with salmon as well which I would like to try. I was quite a happy person enjoying this for my late lunch! 
This is the creme brulee which comes with the lunch prix fixe, I must say as well the portions on the prix fixe were very generous. Sometimes they give you less with these deals, but not here. 

All photos in this post were taken with my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 which I just love. I find when in restaurants and I wish to photo my food, it's easier to whip out my phone than my DSLR camera. Sine the results are always positive, I don't mind it at all ! It amazes me how great phone cameras are and they are just getting better each year. 
Have you been to a Sarabeth's ? Did you like it? I can't imagine anyone not liking it, but you never know. I just know I will be back again very soon! I cannot wait to try another one of their items on the menu!

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