Tuesday, May 12, 2015

China Through the Looking Glass Review

This exhibit, China: Through the Looking Glass, is one of the biggest the Metropolitan Museum of Art has ever shown. The exhibit is located in the Anna Wintour Costume Center and the Chinese galleries on the second floor, and a revamped Egyptian space in between. I am showing you what was mainly in the Anna Wintour Costume Center which was really just so amazing. The detail on the designs is what stood out to me, which I why I shot some close-ups for you to see. This is open until August 16, 2015 and I highly suggest you add it to your to-do list in the city! 

Ensemble, 1980's, Worn by Tseng Kwong Chi, Gray cotton twill  
Red Guard Uniform, 1966-76 
Vivienne Tam . Mao Suit, Spring Summer 1995. White and black polyester jacquard 
Mao Portrait Dress to the left Spring Summer 1995 
Artwork by Andy Warhol in the center of the fashion displays 

Chanel Evening Jacket, ca 1930
Reconfigured Chinese robe of blue silk gauze embroidered with polychrome silk and metal thread 

Look at that detail! I tried to make note of who did the various designs but this one I couldn't find. So sorry as it was really beautiful! 
I think one design was better than the other, as you kept walking around 
Tom Ford for YSL Evening Dress Autumn/Winter 2004-5  
Talk about details in this gorgeous gown! 

Ralph Lauren, Ensemable Autumn/Winter 2011-12 

French evening coat, ca. 1925 

Dries Van Noten 

Coat for the Qianlong Emperor, 1736-95
How great are the shoes to go with that coat? Since they are wedges, I may actually be able to walk in them! 
Dragon Robe Dress, 2011
Laurence Xu 
This gown was breathtaking 

Semi formal robe for the Qianlong Emperor, 1736-95

I hope you enjoyed your visit to this wonderful exhibit! Please let me know if you do get there, how you liked it. I would give yourself a good few hours to go through the whole exhibit, and enjoy all the beauty it has to show us.

China: Through the Looking Glass runs from 7 May to 16 August at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

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