Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Eden Fine Art

I have been wanting to show you this art gallery for some time now. I wasn't sure if they allowed photography, but lucky for us - they do ! This gallery is near where my bus picks up on Madison Avenue, and it is a great place to pass some time. I love visiting to see what new and exciting art pieces they have available. 

Here is some information from their website: 
Eden Fine Art, owned by Cathia Klimovsky, has accomplished much since its inception in 1998 and have since launched five galleries in a prime and sought after locations, such as the exclusive and modern flagship gallery in Manhatttan on Madison Avenue.

Eden galleries features a modern, dynamic, open space, which allows its artists and its visitors the full and very unique experience of the art collection.

Frida portrait  
I really love these colorful sculptures !!  
How cool would this be in your home ?  
An apple for the teacher?  

This is just too darn cute !  
I just adored this! How darn fabulous!  
These were really neat and there were quite a few of them hanging on the wall  

Gorgeous heart sculpture  
I loved this with all the different New York City scenes  

So, am I right that this gallery is just amazing?  
If you are a Disney fan, this would need to be in your home!  

Can you find the guy painting this sculpture ?  
Okay, so this was just oh-so-cool and for the low cost of $19,500.00, it could be in your home! It is even better in person!  

Up close of one of the steel sculptures 

I really would love to have this hanging in my home! 

I hope you enjoyed this little visit of some very cool art work today! Eden Fine Art is located on Madison Avenue and West 50th Street. The staff is very nice and you can ask them questions regarding the unique art objects in the gallery. If you are in the area, I would highly suggest you stop in and enjoy the exclusive artwork! 

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