Thursday, April 23, 2015

2015 Architectural Digest Home Design Show

The Architectural Digest Home Design Show is always a fun event. This year proved no different, and I was looking for some new vendors to show you. It is always fun to see the latest designs, and try to incorporate some of the ideas into your own home decor.  
There is artwork at the show, and I loved this one above of Marilyn, and the one below of the gorgeous gown.  

Deco Decadence really made me smile as I just love that style! Is that not a fabulous mirror?  
I thought these were a really neat way to display your flowers!  
Loved the table and wall sconces here !  
Even Fifty Shades of Grey made the show! I never saw the movie or read the book, and thought odd they made furniture based on the movie.  
I do think that table is pretty darn cool! 
Okay, yes this is a Sex Dust Latte, so I had to try it. From the company Moon Juice, here is what they say on the product:

The aphrodisiac warming potion will send waves of blood to all the right places. This is a holistic approach to deeply enjoyable sex and fertility for both men and women, supporting brain chemistry, hormone production, as well as glandular and fluid replenishment.
Add one teaspoon to 8oz of any hot or cold liquid. Delicious with nut milk water or tea. Makes approximately 25 servings depending on taste and desired level of potency. Don't be afraid to double dose!
Wild Crafted Ingredients: Cistanche, Ho Shou Wu, Cacao, Maca, Epimedium, Schizandra, Stevia

I personally thought it tasted pretty terrible, and won't be purchasing any for the future. Many of those trying it at the show were not too in love with it either! Fun name however, and will get people talking I am sure!  
This was one of the most gorgeous booths! Koket, look at that light fixture?  
Such classy items, don't you think?  
How cool is this one? Love all the gold in the designs.  
I really loved this lamp. Such a unique design from Koket. 

As a tribute to a diamond's devastating power of enticement we have created this stunning lamp to represent the journey of the gem’s rough beginnings to exquisite end. Like any great love affair, it starts out rugged and wild then slowly matures into something elegant and eternal. Finished in an antique gold base with a ruby red gem.
I liked the different colors used here, and that lip pillow!  
These metallic light fixtures really caught my eye.  
I just love the glass designs at the show. This selection from Thomas Long are just unbelievable. 

This is from the Jung Lee booth, which really blew my mind. Everywhere you looked, you were in amazement!  

Such a great table setting. Your guests would feel so special!  

I hope you enjoyed this little trip to the Architectural Digest Home Design Show. It is a longtime destination for all that is home decor. I would highly suggest you attend if you are re-designing your home, or just have an interest in what is new and exciting in the field! You will not be disappointed!

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