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The Osborne Apartments, The Art Students League of NY and IESE Business School

The Osborne Apartments are located at 205 West 57th Street in New York City. The Osborne began construction in 1883 and was completed in 1885 and was added to the National Register of Historic Places on April 22, 1993. Some of the notable folks who lived here are Leonard Bernstein, Peter Beard, Phil Jackson. This was one of New York's first major luxury apartment buildings. 

I am so glad we still have this gorgeous architecture to enjoy in the year 2015 !! 

The Art Students League of New York was established in 1875 when a rumor began circulating at the National Academy of Design (known then as the "National Academy," founded in 1825) that all art classes would be cancelled due to insufficient funds. Students at the Academy wished to continue their studio classes and courses of instruction, and came together to rent and convert a small 4th-floor loft in downtown Manhattan at the corner of 5th Avenue and 16th Street. 

In a flier pinned to a bulletin board that was addressed to the Council of the National Academy and its entire student body, dated July 1875, a student representative wrote, "The students of the National Academy of Design, remaining in New York, have formed, with Professor's Wilmarth's cooperation, an Association called the Art Students League, having for its objects the attainment of a higher development in Art Studies." 

American artists Thomas Eakins and Augustus Saint-Gaudens were among the League's board members who were integral in its incorporation. 

In 1889 the League helped found the Society of American Artists, which constructed as its permanent home a French Renaissance-style building at 215 West 57th Street. The Art Students League has been housed in this building since 1892. -  
the work on this building is really remarkable 

165 West 57th Street was originally erected as the home of the Louis H. Chalif Normal School of Dancing in 1916. Louis Chalif (1876-1948) was a celebrated Russian ballet dancer who immigrated to the United States in 1904. He began teaching soon after settling in New York, establishing his school in 1905. Chalif lost the building to foreclosure during the Great Depression. The building was later owned by Carl Fisher, a prominent American music publisher and is currently owned by Columbia Artists Management Inc. (CAMI). The building was designated a landmark in 1999.
This was the original home of Louis H. Chalif Normal School of Dancing and more recently of Columbia Artists Management, Inc., an international leader in managing the careers and touring activities of the world’s prominent performing artists. Today IESE’s research efforts and excellence in management education continues the building’s tradition of creativity, innovation and visionary thinking. All the detail on this building just really makes you smile when you view it in person! 

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