Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Manhattan Vintage Show Mary McFadden Tribute October 2013

I had not been to the Manhattan Vintage Show for quite a few years. I kept meaning to get back, but you know, other things get in the way. So I was thrilled in October, when I was able to get back there again, in the wonderful section of Chelsea, NYC. This show never disappoints, and even if you do not buy anything, it is wonderful to look at such amazing vintage finds. 
Their tribute this show was the designer, Mary McFadden and they had some of her work just as you walked into the show. 
What gorgeous displays we were so lucky to see in person 
An up close of one of the dresses, I just loved this one! 
This show is held 3 times a year, and has some of the most amazing selection. Celebrities, stylists, costume designers, as well as very fashion forward people shop here. What do you think of this coat?  
This is just a preview of some of the items I found on my visit. I will be showcasing certain vintage shops in the coming weeks, who were some of the nicest people I met, and had the most amazing selection. Many of them sell online, others just sell at shows in New York City.  
Lots of vintage Chanel can be found here. I want that bag! 
I would totally wear this outfit. It looks so darn comfy!  
You find with these items that lots of detail goes into each piece.  
These designs will be auctioned on November 13th at Augusta-Auction at Noon  
This is included in the above auction, a 1967 Paco Rabanne Coat and Helmet  
This looks like something Betty Francis would were in Mad Men  
If you like handbags, this is a dangerous place to be! How cool is that guitar handbag?  
My Mom has some that were from the 50's that are so cool, but I am afraid to use them for fear of ruining them.  
Loving these flower ones here, so great for summer!  
I really loved these outfits. That sweater is just gorgeous! If you notice, some vintage pieces are really timeless.  
Who wouldn't want to win a "vintage" Chanel handbag?  
How cool is that jumpsuit on the left? I could see possibly Lady Gaga in that, can't you ?  
Metallic never will go out of style. It is just classic. Both of these items caught my eye, and I just had to be sure to show you! The gold one on the right could be red-carpet worthy! 

There are so many current television shows that use period clothing, and this is where many of them purchase their items. Mad Men, Boardwalk Empire, Game of Thrones as well as many period piece films find their perfect costumes here. I hope you enjoyed this little peek, and stay tuned for more great vintage vendors from this world-known show! 

Upcoming Shows

  • JAN 17TH & JAN 18TH, 2014


    Metropolitan Pavilion
    125 West 18th Street
    (Between 6th & 7th Aves)
    $20 AT THE DOOR / $15 ONLINE
  • MAR 28TH & MAR 29TH, 2014


    Metropolitan Pavilion
    125 West 18th Street
    (Between 6th & 7th Aves)
    $20 AT THE DOOR / $15 ONLINE

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therelishedroost said...

My daughter would go nuts for this!!!! I will be seeing this for sure! Thanks!!

Dana - http://chocolateandsunshine.com said...

I really need to get to NY. I am enjoying all of your beautiful finds. How do you not want to take everything home with you? Thank you.

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