Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Visit Saks Fifth Avenue, 8th Floor, if You Love Shoes and Chocolate

Did you ever hear of 10022-Shoe zip code? Well Saks Fifth Avenue has a shoe floor with it's own zip code! This is truly a grand floor, as it holds 2 of my favorites, shoes and chocolate. You can actually take an elevator specifically designed to take you to the 8th floor. There is a VIP room for private shopping as well. The shoes are treated like works of art.  
Is this not chic ? 
The shoes are the stars here....but I did say chocolate didn't I ? Let's move on ...... 
Ahh yes, Charbonnel et Walker, from England, is joining us on the 8th floor  
loads of color here, which I adore, and just a great place to rest those feet from shopping with a bit of something special  
I want one of these for my kitchen  
You can go healthy here, and get some fruit with dark chocolate  
I love the chocolates that have crowns on them. So regal and great to take home as gifts to family and friends. 
a nice latte is very relaxing indeed  
And yes, chocolate shoes, how can you top that? 

If you visit Saks Fifth Avenue in New York City, don't forget the 8th floor. It is a world all in itself. 

Today's Words of Wisdom: Your Imagination Can Set You Free

Update: as of 12/08/13 The chocolate shop is no longer on this floor as they made more room for shoes! Very sad to see it go as it was a wonderful place for a little something in between shopping. 

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