Monday, December 19, 2011

Vivi Sun Jewelry & Momo Glassworks @ Holiday Shops at Bryant Park

Two more great shops at the Holiday Shops at Bryant Park....the first being Vivi Sun Jewelry which has the most dainty pieces I have viewed in jewelry design. Here is some information from her website, where she also sells items online:

In spring 2007, ViVi Sun Design Studio launched its second product line for the mature and sophisticated women - ViVi Sun.
Compared with its first production - Princess ViVi, the ViVi Sun product line embraces subtler color and the ever organic and geometric shapes that everyone’s been loving about the studio’s works. Unique and made of unconventional mixed mediums such as semi-precious stones, plastic beads, and glass marbles, every piece is a wearable art.
The strong art background of studio director - ViVi Sun has been the key to the uniqueness of the Studio’s creations. The colors and movements most often seen in paintings and sculptures are molded into her jewelry design. At ViVi Sun, no two pieces are alike.
“Not only should every woman be pampered and treated like a goddess, she should accessorize like one too.” Ms. Vivi Sun said. “That’s the spirit of ViVi Sun – to uncover the Goddess in every woman.” 

these pieces are really one of a kind  
I loved how everything was displayed as well  
I am glad she sells online because I did not purchase anything but may do so in the coming months. Any of these items would make a great gift indeed!! 
Momo Glassworks had beautiful glass jewelry as well as glass canvas paintings.  
I love glass jewelry and again, this artist also sells online which is great! We tried to seek out shops that were unique at Bryant Park, not your everyday items and I think we succeeded. There is still time to check out the Holiday Shops at Bryant Park as open until January 8th 2012.

Holiday Shops at Bryant Park
Open until January 8, 2012

M-F 11am to 8pm
Sat   10 am to 9pm
Sun  10am to 6pm 

Today's Words of Wisdom: Appearances Can Be Deceiving 

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