Tuesday, December 20, 2011

"The Bears Christmas" December 2010 by Lou Nasti

Upon our visit last year to the city, we came across the Park Avenue Plaza atrium nestled behind the Racquet Club, with many amenities - Starbucks (not open on the weekends), interesting shops including the new Dahesh museum gift shop, Chartwell Books and Neuchatel chocolates together with rest rooms, tables and chairs to relax in this festive space. My friend and I felt very lucky to find this place since it was raining all day. We were shocked what we found inside.......
During the Christmas season, this atrium has the most intricate and amazing animated exhibits with Christmas music by the noted Mechanical designer Lou Nasti, who has been creating mechanical displays for forty years. 
The 2009 "The Bear’s Christmas" featured different vignettes of Bears and other animated animals making presents, singing, skating, cooking and enjoying the holiday with moving parts popping up and background holiday music. 
                         These had to be the cutest things we ever saw!
                                                                          A Bear Having Tea !!   
                                                    These bears have some taste for coffee.....
                                                                  The old fishing club get together
                                                                       Pengiun's having dinner     
                                                                            A Painter Bear
                                                             Washing clothes (so cute)
                                             Bears fireside getting warmed up in their Christmas attire 

I was lucky to find a video of this display on you tube so here it is in action. Hope you enjoy as much as I did !! 

Park Avenue Plaza
Park Avenue between East 52 and 53rd Streets 

Today's Words of Wisdom: Nobody can take your dreams away 

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Vannessa@Luxuria said...

OMG!!!! These images remind me why I "need" to visit NYC one Christmas. No-one does Christmas better ;-) Hope you are well Sweets and baking day on Sunday went well xx

nycstylelittlecannoli said...

Yes it did and this is why NYC is so wonderful...we did not know this was here and went in due to raining outside...what a treat we had! I love that about the city, you never know what you will find around that corner!! :)

Anonymous said...


kim said...

Oo...I'll try to stop by there tomorrow (Christmas Day)

Merry X'Mas!

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