Saturday, February 6, 2010

Robert Restaurant and Columbus Circle

We are still at the MAD museum as I had a reservation for lunch at their new restaurant, Robert, on the 9th floor. It was getting very good buzz so I figured it would be a good idea. I made reservations thru, a great site and one I highly reccomend to anyone. The 9th floor means you will have views that will be amazing on a nice day...and oh well we all know I had a nice day when I was we go...

very neat deco, very modern for sure.....comfy sofas ..........

only down side I could possibly see is it is very small and those are the elevators right there.....not a lot of room to wait to catch the elevator to leave but oh well...........

this guy's shirt caught my eye so I had to snap was really the neatest shirt !! and his pants were 2 totally different colors that didn't even match the shirt! an artist he probably is for sure........

another view of the place, it was somewhat full for 1:30pm but it was a Saturday and again it's not that big so can see it being a bit crowded

I thought the sofas were very futuristic .....they looked comfy....I was at a table and they sat me very near the window for the most wonderful views!! oh here take a look ................................

the sun was out in all it's winter glory .............near the museum they actually put up some little tables and chairs like in Times Square that you can sit and take a bit of a break. I thought that was a really nice idea and I did take advantage of that to just enjoy where I was.

this one does not look amazing is that view ???????

the actual Columbus Circle taken from the what did I eat you ask? Well sorry no photos of the food, but I had a most excellent ice tea which was fresh brewed and called "Scarlet Glow" - so delish I can't tell you ! I went with the Turkey burger with cheese and it was soo good! My lunch was under $22 not including tip - reasonable for NYC and for the location. Portion was very nice for lunch and I will definately go back with a friend so they can enjoy the place as well. I would loove to try their tea service as well.

Robert Restaurant @ the MAD Museum
Columbus Circle
Lunch 11am-3pm
Tea Service 3pm-5pm
Dinner 5-12 am
Lounge open till 2am

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