Sunday, February 7, 2010

Whole Foods @ Columbus Circle Pastry Art

Whole Foods Market @ Columbus Circle opened Feb. 5, 2004 and is 68,000 square feet of the finest, all natural, organic and local products in Manhattan. When I visited a few weeks ago, it was a mad house! The lines were unbelievable! They have everything you can imagine here, but what I found just amazing was the bakery department. The works of art that I shot were just amazing and I am glad to be able to share with you:

these apples were tiny for $7 but hey they are organic and made by Christopher Norman....good stuff
A football helmet cake !! How great for your super bowl party is this ????
I am not fond of fruit on cheesecakes but gosh they take great photos! And they look soo pretty!!!
Pastry Art is easy for this display case....look at those pink cakes in the upper left corner....sooo beautiful !!
did someone say "Cake" ?? these are just gorgeous .....and remember - organic !!
these little guys were calling me .....gladly I just took their photo and moved on ........
how much would you rate with these at your child's bday party?? such cute cupcakes ......
roses soo pretty, is this too pretty to eat?
this looked amazing but heck, what didn't? It is an Almond Creme Cake ....good lord .......
last but not least, Cannoli's !! and they looked yummy !! half the darn tray is missing....guess everyone else thought so as well....the little tarts down below look interesting as well ...........

Whole Foods at Columbus Circle
8am to 11pm Seven Days a Week
Southwest Corner of Central Park

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Vær våken said...

Have been so busy so I've missed your latest post, but I am glad I saw them now. Love all of them...and those chocolate cakes are calling for me, too! Wish I could be there right now...

Unknown said...

You had me at the cannoli photo in your blog header!!! Lots of Italians here in London but no decent cannoli, I think it's a southern Italian thing, that's why they are SOOOO good in NYC!

Your blog looks fab, am excited to follow it, thanks for following mine :)

nycstylelittlecannoli said...

thanx for the belated bday! Cannoli's are my fave dessert and the ricotta filling is good all by itself! Glad you are enjoying the blog and hope you can get to NYC soon! It's a great place to be.

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