Saturday, January 23, 2010

Chanel Windows in January and a Shoe Woo Tree

So as I was walking along....along came this sign...and I got excited !! Plus look at the great snowflake hanging in the sky!! How beautiful !!

Stripes seemed to be a plenty ....................

Loove my fave four letter word ...SALE... didn't go in to see what was on sale but probably nothing I would have liked! I always go for "oh that just came in today" when I go in a store!!

Great italian restaurant on the way to Columbus Circle just past Carnegie Hall ..... a must try for lunch I think

Here is the shoe tree from the Shoe Woo (yes that is the store's name) across from Bloomies! I was a bit disappointed that Bloomies windows were still in the works but when I saw this I had to snap away!

Does your shoe closet resemble this? Just love the arms and legs hanging out! This store also has some great shoes inside you may want to check out when near Bloomingdales.

This was in their window in November fab ? So make sure to check out their windows (and store) the next time you are in NYC !!!!

Have a wonderful weekend !!!


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Paris Pastry said...

When I was in New York I went to that Chanel store on 5th avenue. The people there were very friendly and one of the salespersons showed me around the store and they have a fine jewelry section that has been remodeled to Coco Chanel's apartment in Paris!

I love the stripes! I bet it from the Cruise collection.

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