Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Mille-feuille Upper West Side Bakery

Happy July everyone! How crazy is it we are in July already? I am in some serious New York City withdrawal, and unfortunately do not know when I will be back in the city again. I am hoping the vaccine for this virus will be available sooner than later so we can all somewhat go back to our normal lives. 

One of the wonderful places I visited last year and have yet to show you was Mille-Feuille French bakery on the Upper West Side. I stayed in the area, one of my favorites, and loved checking out places on my "to do" list. This bakery is known for their French macarons but everything here is divine. The place is small, and I popped in early to get a table and enjoy the BEST almond croissant ever. Hope these photos don't make you too hungry! 

Works of edible art 

I spy my chocolate almond croissant! 

The savory items looked pretty amazing as well 

The famous macarons! 

Look at that! OMG this was so fantastic and flaky and light. Pure heaven 

I love mushrooms and this looked so good 

Lemon meringue was my Mom's favorite dessert 

These folks are going to be needing our support BIG time when they reopen. I believe they are currently open for take out only. We need to be sure to keep these great places in business and support them. I have been ordering from restaurants/bakeries in the city online to give them business. Please be sure to look for this wonderful bakery when you are in the Upper West Side, you will be a very happy person indeed! 

552 Laguardia Pl
New York 10012
(212) 533-4698

2175 Broadway
New York 10024
(212) 362-6261

Hotel Belleclaire
250 W 77th St
New York, NY

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