Thursday, June 1, 2023

RedFarm Upper West Side

I decided to showcase this post for you because RedFarm is an amazing experience! There have been so many of my favorite places that have closed in the city due to the pandemic, I need to discover new places. RedFarm, however did not leave, thank goodness, as their food is just mind-blowing. This is their Upper West Side location while staying in the area on a weekend trip. It is a must try if you like this type of food. 

The decor is very laid back 


I can't even explain this to you but it can be shipped to your home via Goldbelly 

                                           PACMAN DUMPLINGS are next to the egg roll 

almost too adorable to eat 

They were so amazing - melt in your mouth kind of dumpling 


I had wanted to try a soup dumpling for a LONG time and well, it was pretty amazing 

I only managed to eat 2 of them, just a wonderful experience if you can try it 

This is a must stop place if you enjoy Chinese food, the flavors will just blow your mind! 
This post is not sponsored by anyone, and I advise you about Goldbelly as I use them myself for NYC food delivered right to my front door! 
Red Farm 
Upper West Side and West Village locations 
Shipping via Goldbelly 

RedFarm is also located in London for anyone from that great city that may be reading this post 

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