Thursday, June 28, 2018

Throwback Thursday " Harlem 1946"

This photo taken at Amersterdam Avenue near 125th Street, Harlem, is just too fantastic! What a way to say the store is changing hands from father to son. The era was 1946, and the photo was taken by Todd Webb. Here is some information on him from his website:

As a newly discharged Navy veteran, Webb (1905-2000) moved to New York in 1945 to dedicate a year to photographing the city. Armed with a large format camera and tripod, he worked relentlessly and the year turned into several decades. Webb’s images captured the city’s contrasts—from Midtown’s skyscrapers to the Lower East Side’s tenements, from high-powered businessmen in the Financial District to the remnants of old ethnic enclaves in Lower Manhattan. A City Seen includes his investigations of these neighborhoods, as well as Harlem near 125th Street and Third Avenue Elevated, which would be decommissioned in the 1950s. Also featured are portraits by Webb of members of his intimate circle of friends, including Alfred Stieglitz, Harry Callahan, Berenice Abbott, Helen Levitt, and Lisette Model.

What a treasure to leave behind! His books are shown on his website as well which would make a great addition to your photography library.

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