Monday, May 7, 2018

The Peggy and David Rockefeller Auction

I had the pleasure to view the auction for Peggy and David Rockefeller at Christie's in Rockefeller Center. The Rockefeller name is classic, and has so much history. David Rockefeller was the great-grandson of John D. Rockefeller who was an American oil industry business magnate, industrialist, and philanthropist. David Rockefeller's net worth as of March 2017 was estimated to be 3.3 billion US Dollars. The financial times has a great article with an interview of David Rockefeller, Jr. which is a very interesting read. 
There were so many items but I decided to show you the ones that I liked, or would purchase if money was no object. I really loved this painting, and since it is a Renoir, I guess I have good taste!  

This one was very pretty as well, I love the colors  

As much as I can appreciate Picasso as an artist, I just am not too fond of his work. This piece doesn't show an estimate, but they are expecting it to fetch 100 million dollars. Mind-blowing to say the least.  

I really love Monet paintings, they just make me smile. This was just gorgeous and I would purchase if I was able and hang in my home. Somewhere that I can see it every single day.  

Another lovely flower painting and I love the frame as well.  

For some reason, I liked this one. Maybe it is the colors, I am not sure, but it was lovely in person. They are talking about this piece going for 70 million dollars.  

This one was really quite lovely as I am a big fan of mosaics.  

There were lots of silver items, I would hate to have to polish them on a daily or weekly basis. These candlesticks were pretty darn cool and you could tell by the look of them they were used.  

I really loved this chair, the design on the back is just so lovely. Would purchase this in a heartbeat.  
Many of the dinner service pieces were very neat, I would be so careful in using these since they are from 1805!  

This was an awesome tea pot, I could imagine this on my kitchen table.  

Another one of those great chairs, there were a few of them available. I just love all the detail and with these you could tell as well they were used.  

I loved this group of costume jewelry available and the photo. So darn classic. 

This auction is one of the biggest to come around in a long while. The media is expecting it to bring a total of 500 million to 1 billion US Dollars, all of which is going to charity. This type of an estate sale is just oh so rare. I still remember viewing the Elizabeth Taylor auction, which was pretty mind blowing to say the least.

You can view the auction live via Christie's website and I will be watching on May 8th as this will be the sales for the major art works. It should be pretty exciting to watch and see how much these classics bring in for charity.

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