Monday, April 9, 2018

The 2018 Easter Parade on 5th Avenue

So I attended my 2nd Easter Parade this year, and it went much better than last year. It was much cooler, I was ready for the crowds of people and got some really cool shots for you to enjoy. It is a very neat thing to attend, and I highly recommend to be on your bucket list.  
I loved these two folks, so photogenic! I LOVE her jacket and hat! 
These ladies were very elegant and just looked so fantastic  
This shot came out great with the back drop of St. Patrick's Cathedral  
This is a bit goth looking but I still love it  
Such a cool hat, not sure if the lady made it herself or someone did it for her. It screams SPRING!  
This group reminded me of that fabulous Amazon show- The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel - which I need to watch for a 3rd time. It is that good.  
I have no idea what this guy was going for but it was interesting  
This guy was being interviewed about his hat  
These 2 little dogs were cute until they started fighting with each other!  
How great are these two? Just love them  
Very pretty flower hat here  
These ladies had cupcake hats - just adorable  
Love these two, just everything, how great is that pink handbag?  
I am a huge Faberge egg fan and these ladies had the right idea FABULOUS  
Outfits very loud here, you cannot miss this couple if you tried!  
SAVE ME as in the earth, cute idea and I do love the hat with the Easter Eggs on it  
This ladies whole outfit was just gorgeous and I love the colors!  
Elegance even from the back  
Anyone need a bunny ears?  
The lady in the lime green reminded me of a Pan Am girl - love the dress and matching hat  
This group was loads of fun  
I love his jacket full of butterflies 

I hope you enjoyed a bit of the parade from this year. Maybe next year you will attend in person!

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