Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Birdbath Bakery Upper West Side

While in the city recently, I popped in for a bit of breakfast at Birdbath Bakery. It is a small space, many folks take their treats with them on the go, but there are a few seats inside. Birdbath Green Bakery is the eco-minded little sister of City Bakery. They actually deliver the food via bicycle rick shaw! It is a must stop when in the city.  

Whole wheat croissants must be healthier, right?  
These muffins looked out of this world  
I love what they call a "tartine" which is an open-faced sandwich and oh so tasty. You can see many of them in the city and this egg salad one looked divine.  
The star of the show is the hot chocolate. This is the famous City Bakery hot chocolate and it was my first time trying it.  H E A V E N in a cup.  
I choose a blueberry scone with cornmeal which was wonderful. You have to love that homemade marshmallow just melting away!  
I kind of asked myself why I waited so long to try this - so much to enjoy in this fantastic city it is easy to have a very long bucket list, even when visiting as often as I do. It is worth every calorie and a good reason to go off the diet.  

Birdbath Bakery locations
2 locations Upper West Side
1 location Midtown
1 location SOHO

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