Monday, October 23, 2017

Expedition: Fashion from the Extreme at The Museum at FIT

This glorious exhibition from the Museum at FIT is one to try to see before it closes January 6, 2018. Remember to view these exhibits there is no charge, and they really put on a wonderful display. Here is some information on the exhibit from their website. 

Expedition: Fashion from the Extreme examines high fashion inspired by clothing made for survival in the most inhospitable environments on earth and beyond. Today’s luxurious parkas trace their roots to the “heroic era” of polar navigation (1890 to 1922), while down-filled “puffer” coats and backpacks were originally perfected for extreme mountain climbing in the mid-twentieth century. Experimental, high tech materials made for exploration to otherworldly realms — such as neoprene (deep sea) and Mylar (outer space) — made their way onto the runway.

Expeditions to these extreme environments were motivated primarily by interest in the natural world that flourished during the Victorian era. Thanks to the theoretical works of Charles Darwin and the wildly popular science fiction books by Jules Verne, expeditions became increasingly popular, aspirational endeavors.

On view in Expedition is a historical fur garment created in Siberia, as well as adaptations of indigenous Arctic clothing by the pioneering American explorer, Matthew Henson. Also included are the earliest down-filled jackets, dating to the 1930s, and other technologically experimental objects engineered for polar and mountain exploration. These expedition-worthy garments are placed alongside a range of fantastic and outrageous fashions from the 1960s, as well as a dramatic selection of contemporary designs.

This was really, really cool 

So love the metallic designs! 

Waste Basket Boutique by Mars of Asheville, dresses, circa 1966, USA. Gift of Ruth Ford and Mrs. D.J. White. Coat, 1966, USA. Gift of Montgomery Ward. 

I do not feel metallic designs will ever go out of style!

I just LOVED this dress! 

Paco Rabanne, wedding dress, circa 1968, France. Gift of Montgomery Ward.

The more designs I see from Paco Rabanne, the more I really love this work. Just brilliant. 

Alexander McQueen, dress, spring/summer 2010, England. Collection of the Honorable Daphne Guinness. 

September 15, 2017 – January 6, 2018

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