Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Cookie Charm - One Gift - Two Hearts

As I am sure many are you, I am just addicted to instagram! I find so many cool products on that site, not to mention the nicest people. I came across Cookie Charm and really liked what I saw. The cookies are hand painted, and really lovely designs PLUS they send a portion of your sale to the charity of your choice. I just think that is a brilliant idea, and I felt you would as well. We are always looking for new gift giving ideas, ones that are unique, and this company fits the bill. 

Here is some info about Cookie Charm from their website: 

I was sent a mix of the butterfly painted cookie in almond (my favorite) flavor, as well as some of the plain cookies in French Sable flavor. The flavors of these cookies is really wonderful. Very rich buttery taste, one with a cup of coffee or tea would make anyone very happy! 

They have so many varieties of cookies available, they can even add a LOGO or photo to a cookie. Prices are very reasonable as well, starting from under $10 to over $50. I thought these made a really lovely gift for someone that you are not sure what to purchase, and who doesn't love cookies! The fact that you can also send a portion of your purchase to your favorite charity is the cherry on top!

Please take a peek at their website, Cookie Charm, to see what they have to offer. I think you will be very pleased and find something to your liking!

Disclosure: I was provided the cookies in this post from Cookie Charm for this review. There has been no monetary compensation for this post. I only recommend products that I feel will be of interest to my readers, and that I am truly impressed by. All opinions are my own. Thank you!! 

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