Friday, March 3, 2017

Times Square in the Dark

Times Square is not really favored by the NYC locals. They try to stay away as much as possible. I can understand, as I hate when it is so crowded, you are at a standstill. But at night, it is a bit less crowded, because the day tourists are gone, and it is really neat with all the lights going on. This is the Crown Plaza Times Square Hotel, right next to the Hershey Store, where I have stayed a few times. It is a great hotel, and you can get out of Times Square fast, if you wish, and away from the crowds with the location. 
all the Broadway posters look really cool at night 

The Forever 21 shop is huge and has lots of affordable clothes and accessories and even a men's section 
One of my favorite newspapers is the NY Times 
The poster all the way to the left is Tyne Daly, which is pretty amazing.....she is made up really well 

There is always something going on in Times Square any time of the day....the stores are open until midnight 
Even Santa made a visit to Times Square !! 

The Swatch store is a favorite of mine 

If you pop in the M and M's store, you may see my girlfriend, Green, in all her glory!!! 

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